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The Pros And Cons Of Freelance Employment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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In the post-recession landscape, many young people encounter a lack of salaried full-time positions available to them and opt instead for a series of freelance or contract assignments that provide short-term bursts of employment and compensation. Here are the pros and cons of taking on freelance employment:


  • Freedom from corporate bullshit like dress codes and health insurance
  • Able to set own work/searching-for-work balance
  • Never leaving apartment guarantees a maximized return on cost of rent
  • Workplace gossip as juicy as you make it
  • Delightful surprise checks in the mail for projects you finished nine months ago
  • Flexible schedule means you’re always available to perform onerous favors for loved ones
  • Get to go weeks without uttering single word


  • Family members only need so many logo designs
  • Federal workplace discrimination laws do not apply when someone takes your seat at coffee shop
  • Realization that the other people grocery shopping on a Tuesday morning in a relatively empty Trader Joe’s are now your cohort
  • Unable to join conversation when friends talk about their 401(k)s at parties
  • Opportunity to work from home less appealing when considering apartments in freelancer’s price range
  • Results in less consistent monthly income than that of your creditors, property management company
  • Completely unsustainable