The Pros And Cons Of Freezing Your Eggs

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As more women choose to pursue professional, educational, or personal goals before starting a family later in life, many consider freezing their eggs as a way of prolonging their fertility. Here are some pros and cons of freezing your eggs:


  • Fewer eggs to weigh body down
  • Delayed childbirth increases the likelihood you’ll already be dead before kids become emotionally volatile teenagers
  • Another great opportunity for a medical professional to reach up inside there
  • Future offspring will be better adapted to living in colder climates
  • Allows you and your employer to wait until the time is right to have a child
  • Get to defy God


  • Family bloodline could be wiped out by a downed power line
  • Have to start financially supporting child long before they are even born
  • Have to purchase dozen or so tiny parkas and hats to keep them warm
  • Eggs will never get to experience fun of lazily jaunting down fallopian tube
  • Separation anxiety from own genetic material can get pretty intense
  • Prefer having them forever go to waste inside own body