The Pros And Cons Of Political Correctness

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A key issue currently driving a wedge between political parties in the U.S. is the question of so-called political correctness, or the avoidance of language and actions that could be construed as exclusive, oppressive, or marginalizing of minority groups. Here are the pros and cons of political correctness in our national discourse:


  • Refreshing change of pace to treat other human beings with respect
  • Makes bigots harder to spot, which creates pleasant illusion that society is progressing
  • Has word “correct” in it
  • Makes Dan Snyder’s frantic efforts to preserve his football team’s name pretty hilarious
  • Masks myriad other ways in which you are giant asshole
  • Slightly increases chance of not being completely disavowed by future generations


  • Inconvenient to have to find socially acceptable historical figure to name buildings after
  • One less way to relate to the Greatest Generation
  • Jews really are conspiring to destroy America
  • Sitcom banter even more mediocre
  • Your “Drink-o de Mayo” sombrero is the only hat you look good in
  • Will most assuredly cost you the election