The Republican Majority

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Last week, Bush became the first Republican president to be re-elected with House and Senate majorities since 1924. What do you think?

"So they still control the House, Senate, and Oval Office? Well, at least we still have the smug, condescending attitude that cost us the election in the first place."

Beverly Banks • Systems <br>Analyst

"Our nation may be bitterly divided, but at least our government can agree on being ultra-conservative."

Edgar Mendez • Data Keyer


"What's so bad about this? Could some Democrat explain it to me in under an hour, without starting to scream or cry?"

Sam Howell • Credit Checker

"Now that the Republicans run Congress, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court, they'll just have to invent some new branches of government to dominate, as well."

Ted Jacobs • Dentist


"The fact that 48 percent of Americans voted for a boring placeholder like John Kerry is actually a really good sign for the Left."

Leo Watts • Custom Tailor

"Hold on. I'm being text-messaged orders from my Republican congressman on how to proceed next. Put clothes in dryer? Yes, Rep. Burchardt."

Erika Williamson • Interior Designer