The Robert Blake Murder Case

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Arrested nearly a year after his wife was fatally shot, actor Robert Blake is pleading not guilty to murder charges. What do you think?

"This is the new O.J.! Except nobody gives a fuck, and there's a tiny sliver of a possibility that Blake didn't actually do it."

Carl Morgan • Electrician

"His pet cockatoo Fred must be rolling in his cigar-box grave over this."

Milt Herndon • File Clerk


"Bonny Lee Bakley was hardly a saint. She was a con-woman, a grifter. A flim-flammer and a bunko artist. This doll had more angles than an octagon."

Rick Evans • Systems Analyst

"Before we jump to any conclusions about Robert Blake's guilt or innocence, we should first consult the Internet Movie Database to make sure he's still alive."

Paul LeMaster • Chemical Engineer


"As the man himself said, 'Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.' I'm sorry—I thought we were talking about William Blake."

Andrea Stennett • Optometrist

"Oh, those washed-up celebrities! Who will they kill next?"

Diane Venable • Librarian