The SARS Epidemic

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Many Americans are worried about the spread of SARS, the mysterious, deadly respiratory illness sweeping China and Hong Kong. What do you think?

"More than 100 people have died worldwide from SARS! More than 100 people! 100!"

Lori Petruso • Teacher

"Will stopping this virus once again require the mass smothering of chickens in plastic trash bags? Just wondering."

Dan George • Plumber


"You have to wonder what monstrosity the Orient will unleash on humanity next. I mean, SARS, anime, Toyotathons…"

Frank Banks • Systems Analyst

"From now on, I'm making sure to steer way the hell clear of the Chinatown section of my city, just like I always have."

Todd Cassell • Attorney


"With its limited exposure and 4 percent fatality rate, SARS lies somewhere between rubella and a NASCAR crash on my list of death fears."

Alicia Green • Florist

"Did you say terrorists were behind SARS? Wow, I thought you said that. I'll just repeat that until they know what actually causes it."

Timothy Conn • Factory Worker