The Social Security Time Bomb

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Experts continue to urge Congress to cut the growth of Social Security, warning that the nation faces unsustainable deficits if action isn't taken. What do you think?

"This certainly is bad news for the elderly, coming as it does on the heels of the Federal Aging and Ice Floes Act."

Julie Hunt • Teacher

"It's news like this that makes me wish I could stay 59 forever."

Donald Nelson • Inspector


"It's good I already have a taste for dog food."

Jimmy Shaw • Carpet Installer

"So much for my plan to live off Social Security while I travel the country banging Denny's cashiers in my Airstream."

Dan Cox • Mechanic


"This is really an economics issue. Were it, say, a women's-studies issue, I might have more insight to share."

Emily Holmes • Professor

"Everybody, relax. We'll be fine as soon as we get our money back from Iraq."

Albert Robertson • Systems Analyst