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The Trump Presidency In 2018

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Nearly halfway through his presidential term, Donald Trump has continued to exist in a perpetual state of controversy, and 2018 provided no shortage of outrageous moments. The Onion looks back at the most significant events in the Trump presidency in 2018.

January 3:

Trump disbands his voter fraud commission after realizing it’s unlikely to land Hillary Clinton in prison.


January 8:

Michael Wolff’s blockbuster book Fire And Fury forces Americans to reckon with the possibility that the Trump administration may be somewhat disorganized.


January 30:

Trump uses first State of the Union to tout his infrastructure plan, something that is totally, definitely still happening.


February 22:

The Department of Justice rescinds civil rights protections for transgender students. Or maybe that was last year. We don’t know anymore.


March 22:

Administration criticized after its official women’s health website removes all mention of women.


March 23:

John Bolton added to general sense of foreboding.


That whole weird deal where we didn’t see Melania for like two weeks.

July 1:

Nation finally resigns itself to the fact that it’s always going to be like this.


October 6:

Trump’s reckless Supreme Court nomination of alleged sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh is rejected by the upstanding members of the Republican Party in a brave stand for basic moral principles.


October 22:

At a rally in Houston, Trump describes himself as “a nationalist” to six seconds of silence, then adds “the nation is America” to 20 seconds of raucous cheering.


October 25:

McRib returns to participating McDonald’s.

December 5:

President lauded for attending funeral correctly.

December 12:

Sentencing of former attorney Michael Cohen to three years in prison alerts distraught Trump to existence of Mueller investigation.