The Widening Income Gap

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According to a recent report based on census data, the gap between the rich and poor widened in 2003. What do you think?

"Good. I was having a hard time telling the rich and poor apart."

Rick Lembecker • Developer

"What does 'rich' or 'poor' even mean? And before you start, I don't want to hear any of that 'annual household income' nonsense."

Andrew Meijor • Social Worker


"Sure, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But the great untold story is that the people in the exact middle are becoming a whole lot middler, too."

Sheila Reed • Nurse

"If this keeps up, I might finally be able to hire myself a white maid."

Gary Wundrow • Systems Analyst


"I realize that, historically, phrases like 'massive redistribution of wealth' are usually accompanied by rivers of blood. That said, it's about time for a massive redistribution of wealth."

Kimberly Szaflarski • Bill Collector

"Bottom line is, you're not buying this lawn mower."

David Martinovich • Salesman