The Worst Snowstorms In U.S. History

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As the nation heads into another winter season, the rise of extreme weather means people across the country will be watching out for snowstorms. The Onion takes a look at the worst snowstorms in U.S. history.

Christmas Snowstorm Of 1831:

Intense snow and cold on Christmas Eve along the Eastern seaboard led to the deaths of dozens of little match girls.


Great Blizzard Of 1888:

Over 400 people died, but it was 1888, so that kind of stuff probably happened all the time.


White Hurricane Of 1913:

The most devastating storm to ever hit the Great Lakes caused waves as high as 10 meters, which scientists theorize could have been hundreds of feet.


1940 Armistice Day Blizzard:

A massive snowstorm in the Midwest killed 25 duck hunters in what is very prematurely dubbed the tragedy of the decade.


Super Bowl Blizzard Of 1975:

The one your dad is always talking about.

Northeastern Blizzard Of 1978:

It took crews 10 years to dig out Rhode Island.

1993 Storm Of The Century:

The blizzard and hurricane would have only caused some property damage had it not tragically coincided with the Bikini Car Wash Of The Century.


1997 Storm Of Savings:

Residents of Eau Claire, WI were devastated by the gale-force savings at Ace Appliance’s Black Friday sale.


2010 Snowmageddon:

This crippling blizzard earned its name when President Barack Obama addressed the storm during a meeting and begged for it to bring about Judgment Day at last.