Illustration for article titled ‘This Face Will Be The Last Thing You See Before You Die,’ Says Trump In Healing Address To Nation

WASHINGTON—In a powerful effort to bring unity to a fractured populace, President Donald Trump delivered a healing address to citizens Wednesday that his face would be the last thing they see before they die. “My fellow Americans, in this time of great distress, I urge you to look at my face and understand that it will be the only thing that fills your mind in your final, loneliest hour,” said Trump in a soaring 3-minute speech in which he echoed Robert F. Kennedy’s address after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by urging the deeply wounded nation to recall that no matter their race or creed, they will ultimately all pass away with the memory of his wrinkled, grinning visage at the forefront of their mind. “You will die, and the last thing you think of will be not loved ones or friends, but me, Donald J. Trump. That’s because I own your thoughts. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.” At press time, Trump reached across partisan lines to heal the divided nation by adding to reporters that some specific Americans would be seeing his face far sooner than others.


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