This First Time Area Man Hearing About Daughter Dating George Zimmerman

APOPKA, FL—After his daughter was reportedly threatened, held at gunpoint, and shoved out of her home by her live-in boyfriend yesterday, the father of area woman Samantha Scheibe told reporters this is the first time he’s hearing anything about his daughter dating George Zimmerman. “Wait, you mean that George Zimmerman? Like, the guy who shot the kid?” the stunned father said while rapidly scanning news articles for any clues as to how his 27-year-old daughter happened to meet, much less become romantically involved with, the man nationally recognized for pursuing and killing an unarmed teenager in February of 2012. “I mean, I heard her mention she was seeing a guy named George, but how in the world was I supposed to know she was talking about George fucking Zimmerman? Christ, how long was this going on? Were they serious?” The disgruntled father added that his daughter better not be pregnant.


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