Those We Lost In 2021

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Like most years, 2021 featured a bunch of famous people dying. The Onion looks back at those we lost in 2021.

Larry Flynt: The Hustler founder left a stunned nation wondering with nowhere to send Polaroids of their girlfriends spreading their legs on a motorcycle.


Anne Rice: The popular novelist is survived by her longtime companion, a mysterious, sensual aristocrat who walks the darkened streets of New Orleans as though possessed of some inner torment.

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza: After a long battle, the beloved dish succumbed to corporate streamlining. It was 36 years old.


Ron Popeil: The infomercial king died this year and now you can too, in just three easy steps!

Charlie Watts: An original Rolling Stones member, Watts died of exhaustion mid drumroll.


Prince Philip: Though most will forever associate him with his wife, Queen Elizabeth, his devoted fans will also remember his many contributions to spoken-word poetry and experimental electronic music

Igor Vovkovinskiy: Crowned the tallest man living in the U.S. in 2010, he unfortunately now holds the record for largest corpse of 2021.


Frank Williams: This F1 legend passed away in November, but there’s still a bunch of other people named Frank Williams out there, so we should be good.

Stephen Sondheim: The iconic composer suspiciously passed away mere hours after announcing plans to release an early draft of the musical Assassins containing the name of JFK’s real killer.


Rush Limbaugh: The drug-addicted criminal slut died at 70.