Thrift Store’s Bookshelf Has Some Pretty Solid PS2 Games

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PORTLAND, ME—Impressed by the wide range of genres and titles on display for Sony’s mid-aughts video games console, sources confirmed Friday that the bookshelf at local thrift store Gently Used has some pretty solid PlayStation 2 games. “Dynasty Warriors 2, Max Payne, a dust-covered copy of The Simpsons Hit & Run—man, not too shabby at all,” said local man Greg Sawyer, 33, noting that a cursory perusal revealed the copy of Onimusha: Warlords didn’t have a manual but was otherwise in surprisingly decent shape. “A couple of them look scratched up, but Aggressive Inline seems like it’d play fine, and I’ve heard it’s kind of an underappreciated gem. I wonder why no one has scooped that up yet.” At press time, Sawyer went on to note that the business also carried copies of Rachel Ray’s memoir and Dan Brown’s Deception Point, and concluded he should come back more often.