Tiger's Slump

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Despite one great come-from-behind tournament win, Tiger Woods has not been the same golfer since returning from surgery. Some signs he's not at his peak:

Despite the massive acreage at Doral, still managed to slip on only banana peel on entire course

Rather than yelling, "Fore!" after his bad shots, Woods now collapses in pain while yelling, "My knee!"


Wrote an article for Golf Magazine titled "What's Wrong With Tiger Woods?"

When he walks, leg makes a sound like a celery stalk being twisted

New Gatorade "Tiger Focus" flavor tastes like knee pus

Clubs thrown in fit of anger traveling farther than his disappointing drives

Before replacing his divots, picks them up, stares at them forlornly, says, "That's like my knee"


No longer wins every single tournament he enters