Illustration for article titled TikTok Apologizes After Inadvertently Giving Platform To Thousands Of Theater Kids

CULVER CITY, CA—Expressing their sincerest regret for the massive oversight, video-sharing app TikTok issued an apology Monday after inadvertently giving a platform to thousands of theater kids. “Rumors that users are exploiting our service to perform A Star Is Born covers are deeply disturbing, and we’re very sorry we’ve allowed this to happen,” said CEO Kevin A. Mayer, who explained the company never intended their app to fall into clutches of individuals who spend their entire weekend memorizing the soundtrack and choreography of Dear Evan Hansen. “TikTok was devised as a harmless way for hot, popular teens to have fun. Elaborate harmonies and costuming have no home on TikTok. TikTok is no place for using a split screen to sing a duet with yourself in full Wicked makeup. Honestly, it’s sickening that these videos are circulating, and we’re going to do everything in our power to crack down on the users responsible.” At press time, Mayer added that the app’s moderators would begin flagging all videos that feature dancing.


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