TikTok Helps Kidnapper Find Teen

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ROLLINGWOOD, TX—Lauding the app for its incredible power, authorities credited TikTok Wednesday for helping a kidnapper find local teenager Hailey Lamb. “People think of TikTok as just some frivolous app for kids, but this just goes to show it can have life-changing applications,” said police lieutenant John Martinez, who explained how, by patching together details in the background of the 15-year-old’s videos as well as crowdsourcing her exact location with the help of other users, the assailant was able to find Lamb walking home from school. “This is real utility. I like to think our department has some good detectives, but this man’s work has us seriously impressed. Just think, without TikTok, the Lamb family would have never lost their little girl. Hopefully this is just the first of many such cases to come.” At press time, Martinez added that the 52-year-old man who took the girl could not be more grateful.