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SAN ANTONIO—Interrupting teammates, coaches, and trainers during their pregame preparations Tuesday evening, Spurs power forward Tim Duncan reportedly delivered a stern reminder that the team must adhere to the maximum occupancy limit of their locker room. “The sign on the wall is very clear, guys—the maximum occupancy of this room cannot exceed 50 people, and we are well over that limit right now,” Duncan was overheard saying, adding that if the fire marshal were to walk in and see the group of 54 people in the locker room, the Spurs would be facing a $500 fine for creating a building hazard. “San Antonio Building Code 6-155.2 explicitly states that every person in a recreation facility of this size requires at least six square feet of space, and we have clearly exceeded that. Either four of us need to wait outside from now on, or the locker room needs to be expanded by roughly 24 square feet in order to increase the occupancy limit permitted by law.” At press time, Duncan was frantically attempting to clear all 18,000 fans out of the AT&T Center after realizing that one of the seating sections in the upper deck did not contain the legally required number of fire exits.


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