Tim Tebow Figures Ingraining Himself In Philadelphia Charity Scene Best Shot Of Sticking With Team

PHILADELPHIA—Days after being signed to a one-year contract with the Eagles, quarterback Tim Tebow admitted to reporters Wednesday that firmly ingraining himself in Philadelphia’s charity scene probably constitutes his best shot of remaining with the team long-term. “If I want to still be here beyond training camp, I’ll have to be seriously involved with as many charities and nonprofits as possible right from the get-go,” said Tebow, noting that he plans on committing his time to various children’s hospitals and food banks, as well as to every single one of the city’s Ronald McDonald House locations, in hopes of becoming a beloved, indispensable member of the Philadelphia community. “There’s no way this will last for more than a few preseason games unless I’m driving out to the local Boys and Girls Club with a box of signed youth-size Tim Tebow jerseys every afternoon. I better start putting smiles on the faces of a lot of underprivileged kids, and soon.” At press time, Tebow and fellow backup quarterback Mark Sanchez could be observed hurriedly ladling out bowls of soup at a local homeless shelter.

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