Timeline Of Joe Biden’s First Year In Office

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Joe Biden has completed the first year of his presidency, a tenure that has seen its share of controversy and political gridlock. The Onion looks at the highlights of President Biden’s first year in office.

January 20, 2021: Biden takes oath of office, officially ending the first Trump administration.


February 25: In an effort to counter any future claims that “Biden didn’t do anything,” he launches air strikes in Syria.

March 16: First time he could fully appreciate the work that goes into briefing the president on a mass shooting situation.


April 3: Brief moment of lucidity occurred.

June 25: Sends Kamala to do brown people stuff.

August 15: Disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal a shocking end to otherwise completely successful 20-year occupation.


September 2: Life Alert necklace hacked by China.

October 28: Whittles bipartisan infrastructure bill down to $1 trillion to appease fellow Democrats.


November 15: Signs Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law, describing it as “my last accomplishment ever.”

December 31: Administration issues press release touting the fact that under the Biden presidency, 2022 is arriving right on schedule.