Timeline Of The New ‘Jeopardy’ Host Debacle

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Following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek last fall, the game show Jeopardy! launched a much-publicized effort to find a replacement that has met with its share of controversies. The Onion looks at a timeline of the biggest moments in the new Jeopardy! host debacle.

July 22, 1940: Alex Trebek born, thus ensuring he will also someday die.

June 1, 2005: Mike Richards’ performance as host of Beauty And The Geek marks him as ideal candidate to host Jeopardy! in 16 years.


March 6, 2019: Producers force Trebek to tape 10 years of episodes following his announcement of pancreatic cancer.

February 19, 2021: Fan favorite Ken Jennings forced to bow out of new host competition after masked assailant breaks his knee.


April 5-16, 2021: Aaron Rodgers endures two weeks of people being really impressed he can read.

August 23, 2021: Quick Google search shows newest host Mayim Bialik might not last that long either.


August 25, 2021: Fans decide it will be easier to just watch the reruns.