Timeline Of Tucker Carlson’s Career

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the nation’s most-watched cable pundit, has built a career as a lightning rod for controversy. The Onion looks at the key events of his life and career.

1976: Tucker’s mother leaves his family to live a bohemian life of freedom and art, which surely has no connection to his hatred for women.


1978: First time referring to homeless as “freeloaders.”

1983: Attends elite Rhode Island boarding school where he first experiments with talking over everyone else.


1991: Tries but fails to land job at the CIA, a move that likely either saved or doomed the United States.

2001: Joins CNN’s Crossfire, which features a liberal and a conservative quibbling over the small details of running a violent empire they both largely approve of.


2006: Loses Dancing With The Stars after reporting partner Elena Grinenko to ICE.

2006: Retires signature bow tie after seeing Black person on street wearing one.

2009: Joins Fox News to bring a conservative viewpoint to the network.

2021: Has Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse on program to chide him for letting one of his victims get away.


2031: Considered Fox News’ most moderate host.