Timeline Of U.S. Involvement In Yemen

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President Biden announced this week that the U.S. will end support for the war in Yemen, although the complex nature of the conflict and America’s involvement leave many questions unanswered. The Onion looks at a timeline of America’s involvement in Yemen.


1776: George Washington orders first aerial bombing of Yemen.

1998: Congress budgets 50 cents a day to feed starving Yemeni children after seeing Unicef commercial.

2001: September 11 attacks prompt outraged Americans to demand military kinda fuck around in the Middle East indefinitely.

2002: U.S. begins targeting terrorists in Yemen on grounds that it good practice for upcoming war in Iraq.

2008: FBI director Robert Mueller visits Yemen to get everyone’s hopes up that he’ll help before ultimately doing nothing.

2011: Anwar al-Awlaki killed in drone strike in first known case of U.S. government targeting a civilian since they started keeping track.


2015: America shocked to discover that due to complex web of loyalties it actually fighting proxy war against itself.

2016: United Nations successfully brokers 20-minute ceasefire.

2020: Oman continues to just sort of chill.

2021: President Biden clarifies U.S ending non-begrudging support of civil war.