Timeline: The Collapse Of RadioShack

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Electronics retailer RadioShack filed for bankruptcy after 94 years in business, ultimately unable to keep up with consumers’ shift to the wireless and digital technologies of the internet age. Here is a timeline of RadioShack’s decline:

  • 1962: Retailer establishes a 40-year period of peace and prosperity among electronics retailers known as the Pax Radioica
  • 1980: As a joke, RadioShack employee asks customer buying game-TV switchbox for name and address. Practice lasts company-wide for another 22 years.
  • 1995: Poor microcassette harvest devastates first-quarter sales
  • 1996-2005: Company coasts by on purchase of single VGA cord from Fort Myers, FL location
  • 1999: RadioShack CEO assures Americans that products will break down regardless of Y2K
  • 2001: Company introduces cordless Howie Long
  • 2005: Corporation celebrates one-millionth customer walking in, scoffing at cost, and walking out empty-handed
  • 2007: Email leaks reveal RadioShack in serious talks to buy pack of AA batteries from Duracell
  • 2008: Company loses lucrative Defense Department contract
  • 2010: Executives hold press conference to address issue of what exactly is going on with that one aisle of just copper wire and cable splitters
  • 2015: RadioShack management forced to euthanize millions of thumb drives they can no longer support