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Tips For Getting Started With ‘Resident Evil: Village’

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The sequel to this generation’s hottest horror game is finally out, and we couldn’t be more excited to dive into Ethan Winters’s latest adventure. But before we do, here are OGN’s tips and tricks to get you started on playing Resident Evil: Village right!

  • Use The Right Trigger To Bail: If you ever get into a situation that is too scary or intense, repeatedly tap the right trigger to have your character raise his hands and say, “Oops, sorry, wrong room,” before awkwardly backing out of the encounter.
  • Skippable Cutscenes: The game features a lot of cutscenes that were painstakingly written, modeled, voice-acted, rendered, revised, and re-rendered by overworked developers, voice actors, story editors, and countless support staff that you can skip without missing anything important.
  • Use The Environment To Your Advantage: Thanks to significant environmental deregulation by the European Union, you can now shoot at fuel barrels to cause explosions and attack sacks of flour to cloud the enemy’s visibility, although the fallout in pollution and ecological destruction will likely be irreparable.
  • Ignore Collectibles On Your First Run To Focus On Attaining Buddhahood: The developers designed the game with multiple playthroughs in mind, so don’t worry about all those goat statues and bits of treasure until you’ve purged your awakened mind of the three poisons of craving, aversion, and ignorance and fully liberated yourself from the cycle of suffering and rebirth.
  • Plot Clues: The game’s opening segment contains many subtle clues about the true enemy in this game, such as the werewolf tracks in the village area, the werewolf imagery on the loading screen and marketing materials, and even the werewolves that attack you while you play.
  • Hidden Items: Players who explore carefully in the game’s first hour will find a colander behind the shed, which can be used to drain pasta both in and out of combat.
  • Play In Complete Darkness: It’s not really a horror game unless the lights are out. Do yourself a favor and shut off all the lights and play at night. If there is any backlight bleed from LED sources, duct tape is your best friend. If the light of the TV is bothering you, shut it off. Light. Blinding light everywhere! Our eyes can never know the comfort of true darkness with all this light—it is only once we dispose of our eyes that we can truly see.
  • Consider The Architecture Of The Village: We don’t know much about buildings, but we here at OGN like to consider ourselves curious. What is that one over there? A ranch style? A colonial? We know what bungalows are, and bet they’d look nice in this village. Have fun imagining your own civil planning!
  • Lady Dimitrescu: We’ll save you the disappointment. She isn’t that tall in reality. Your character is actually just 3’7”.