Tips For Playing ‘Pokémon Sword And Shield’

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After more than two years since the last installment, the wait is finally over for diehard Pokémon fans to dive into Sword and Shield. Here are all the tips you need for getting started in the brand new Nintendo Switch release.

Many Pokémon from older generations will not appear in this game. Be careful not to forget about them, so they don’t disappear forever.


You’ll be fighting to defend the British-inspired Galar region against Team Yell, so make sure to read up on the 1940’s aerial Blitz of the region’s capital city, which left thousands of Pokémon trainers dead.

Use the Camp feature to interact with your Pokémon by feeding them stat-boosting curry made from your weaker Pokémon.


Try to save the game’s new Gigantamax Pokémon transformations for pivotal moments in the battle when you would otherwise realize you’re playing the exact same game you’ve played for the last 22 years.

The game has a weather cycle that affects what Pokémon will appear, so if you’re on the hunt for Clefairy, they’ll more likely appear when it’s raining Clefairy.


If you want your Pokémon eggs to hatch quicker, repeatedly tap A until a licensed fertility specialist appears on screen.

The EXP Share item is useful when leveling up a newly caught Pokémon, but you run the risk of raising anxious adult Pokémon dependent on the EXP they’ve been given all their lives with little to no effort.


Breeding your Pokémon is essential to battles, which is absolutely revolting but something to keep in mind.