Tips For Playing ‘Rage 2’

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Rage 2 is out now, giving gamers the chance to shoot, splatter, and slice our way through hordes of mutants on the path to saving the world. Excited? Then here are the Onion Gamers Network’s tips for braving the game’s dystopian wastelands.

Be careful to avoid shooting at the barrels in the game, as some are highly flammable.


After discovering an Ark Chest, check with the authorities to see if anyone reported it missing. If no one claims it after five days, it’s yours to keep.

Cyber Crushers require a lot of bullets to take down, so a more effective strategy is to bully them into taking their own lives.


Take time to appreciate the radial blood-spatter effect from point-blank headshots. Chris from graphics worked really hard on that.

The residents of the wasteland’s settlements can give you valuable info if you chat with them, but it’s way funnier to just execute them the moment they try to start a conversation.


Remember, there may never be another open-world first-person shooter with vehicular gameplay, so make sure to take as much time as you need to 100% this one.

Queue up some podcasts to listen to while driving through the game’s barren, sparsely populated open world.


Have you tried, oh, we don’t know, just playing the damn game and figuring things out for yourself? Jesus. Sorry. We have five more guides due this week for games that are 80 hours long each and we’re kind of stressed out.