Taking a trip alone may seem off-putting to some people, but others find it to be a more rewarding experience. The Onion offers tips for solo travel.

Leave a copy of your “travel itinerary” with family and friends to throw them off the trail.

To give the impression that you’re with a big group, pull at least five roller suitcases with you everywhere.

Remind yourself that terrible things happen to people traveling in groups all the time.


When dining alone, make servers and bartenders feel obligated to entertain you by letting them know you’re visiting.

Try not to crane your neck gawking at buildings as you traipse the big city in your three-piece mustard-plaid suit, straw boater, and sprig of grass in your teeth.


The more you tell people you prefer to travel alone, the more they’ll believe you’re not sad.

If anyone pries, tell them your spouse died and the last thing they did was pay for this trip. That’ll shut ’em up.


Try meeting new people on the trip so you never have to do this again.

Keep an extra photo ID in your sock just in case someone has to identify your body.