Tips For Winning Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms, where a group works together to free themselves from a room by solving puzzles and riddles, have become an increasingly popular activity among young people. The Onion offers the best strategy tips for winning an escape room.


First, choose one person to just stand there the whole time and not do anything.

For best results, try to have at least one person on your team who knows how to read.

Play with your coworkers so you can learn to get increasingly frustrated with their incompetence in an entirely new context.

Don’t waste precious time thinking about how much money you blew on this.

Clues are often hidden in easy-to-miss spots, so start ripping up the floorboards as soon as the game begins.


Guns will shoot through most locks.

Don’t do that one room with the clowns because it’s way too hard and not that fun.


Always establish a designated survivor in case your group fails to escape and someone has to live on to tell your story.