ACHILLE, OK—Despite only recently gaining the ability to form complete sentences, 2-year-old Trevor Cornett was able to present a clearheaded and persuasive argument at the Achille County Fair Wednesday as to why one might be terrified of riding a horse. Trevor's parents, who had encouraged their son to pet the animal, were reportedly persuaded by their son's well-articulated line of reasoning to the contrary. "I assumed all children love horses, but Trevor made some interesting points about the frequency with which they grunt and show their teeth and their scary feet," Nancy Cornett, the toddler's mother, said. "I had never thought about it before, but, taking into account his small, delicate frame, it is entirely possible that he could fall off and die." Following their abrupt departure from the fair, the Cornetts were again impressed by their son's succinct and impassioned call for ice cream.

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