Toddlers Debate Whether ‘Dora’s Explorer Girls’ Canon Or Expanded Universe

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FOSTER CITY, CA—Engaged in heated discussion over the artistic license taken in the creation of the animated show, local toddlers Lucas Leora and Mimi Raymond fiercely debated Tuesday whether Dora’s Explorer Girls was canon or part of Dora The Explorer’s expanded universe. “Listen, I’ve watched all the episodes, and Kate, Emma, Naiya, and Alana never even appear in the original series, which leads me to believe that this is essentially just fan-fiction for some dumb little babies,” said Raymond, citing her large collection of Dora The Explorer activity books to argue that the characters would have to be living in an entirely different timeline for the story to make sense. “The existence of these characters completely destroys Backpack’s entire character arc. Did they just expect us to go along with this sudden three-year time jump? This is the exact same shit PBS pulled with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It’s just a shameless cash-grab.” At press time, the toddlers had reached an agreement that the upcoming live-action Dora The Explorer movie coming out next year was “probably gonna suck.”