Top Indie Games On Steam

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If you’re into indie gaming, then Steam is the platform to beat. Here are our picks showcasing the absolute best independent titles out there.



A triumph for immersive storytelling, this narrative adventure combines the skippable narration of audiobooks with the mechanics of mid-’90s game tutorials.

Stardew Valley:

An awe-inspiring underdog story for independent developers, this farming simulator was programmed, written, composed, and designed by just one man who must be truly impossible to work with.

Dracula’s Bastion:

This loving homage to classic action platformers is an exact, pixel-for-pixel reproduction of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse that has yet to catch the attention of Konami’s lawyers.



Part of the growing “passive-gaming” trend, Unlocker has no interface or controls and simply rewards you with a new achievement of an unlocked message every few hours you’re logged in.


That Dragon, Cancer:

This one is an artsy game about battling cancer, so it’ll make us look pretty bad if we don’t include it on this list.


EatSim Vol 32: Grapes:

The latest in this popular indie game series captures what it’s like to eat an entire bunch of grapes with stunning attention to detail.