Malala Yousafzai

Despite being the youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai ended 2014 on a shame-worthy note when she was unable to usher in a new era of global gender equality.
Bill Cosby

With a brand-new NBC sitcom and a Netflix comedy special in the works, we feel comfortable naming this beloved entertainer as one of our top newsmakers of 2014, even though we’re putting this slideshow together in early October. We expect to see only bigger and better things from the Cos in 2015.
Video Evidence

Video documentation was absolutely everywhere in 2014! Whether it was of a woman being punched in the face and dragged out of an elevator unconscious, a Ferguson, MO police officer standing over a black teen’s dead body, or an NYPD officer choking a black man to death despite his pleas, unobstructed videos of violence and brutality later to be ignored by those in the highest seats of power wouldn’t stop popping up in our feeds this year.
Guy Who Jumped White House Fence

Despite never actually encountering or harming the president, Omar Gonzalez briefly tasted what it is like to realize one of his dreams. How many of us can say the same?
Naked People

Whether they were celebrities whose photos had been leaked or reality contestants surviving in the wild, naked people kept cropping up this year, and it was always important that we take a look.
Ray Rice

Would be a fucking steal at $9 million over three years, even with $6 mil guaranteed.
Meredith Garner Of Sioux City, IA

She might not think she’s anything special, but goddamn it, she’s the best thing that could ever happen to a guy in this town! Love you, Mere!
Grave Digger

The 1,700-horsepower hellraiser took no prisoners during this year’s Monster Jam series, and promises to kick things up a notch in 2015!
Count Farnsworth T. Pennyweather

Commonly spotted in the town square with other noted flâneurs winding his gold watch and imbibing the most robustly aged cherry brandies, the prominent bon vivant Count Pennyweather has become well-known for his voracious appetite, gentlemanly fashion, and skills as a raconteur. Why, he is the very height!
My Beautiful Nephew Jeffrey

Can you believe everything Jeffrey’s done this year? He graduated high school with good grades, came up with the family to visit over the summer and helped Jack seal the driveway, and already has friends at the college he went away to in New York state! I’m just amazed by that kid.