Top Experts Divided On Whether It’s Better To Beat The Heat Or Have Fun In The Sun

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WASHINGTON—Debating the best public course of action for dealing with the record-breaking temperatures expected across the country this week, top experts were reportedly divided Thursday on whether it was better to beat the heat or have fun in the sun. “On the one hand, heatstroke is very serious and people should stay indoors as much as possible; however, it’s so nice out, people are gonna want to soak up those sweet, sweet rays while they can,” said Deanne Criswell, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, explaining that government and health officials failed to reach a consensus on whether the public should stay hydrated and avoid alcoholic beverages, or should be advised to head down to the beach with friends to crack open a few cold brews and toss a Frisbee around because the weather was just perfect for it. “While it could be better for people to wear light clothing, frequently apply high-SPF sunscreen, and take frequent breaks from the heat, it’s also the case that lying out to achieve that bronze, sun-kissed tan is a great way to spend an afternoon. Yes, the sun’s rays are harsh and could lead to skin cancer, so everyone should stay in air-conditioned rooms during times when temperatures are at their peak, but come on, you only live once, right? Let’s boogie!” Criswell added that the one issue all experts were in agreement on was the necessity of investing in one of those umbrella hats to keep the sun out of one’s eyes.