Apple Watch: Apple’s promotional campaign warned consumers that if the watch wasn’t a resounding success, they’d have no choice but to make a new device that would burrow deep into the user’s brainstem or internal organs.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Got this for Dad for his birthday, and he seems to like it. I don’t think he does much with it besides check his email.
Beer Light: Scientists have finally developed a means of bringing the atmosphere of an authentic tavern or pool hall to any garage, den, or rumpus room.
Wireless Fire Extinguisher: Consumers now have the opportunity to fight house fires outside the 20-foot radius of a traditional fire extinguisher’s unsightly wire.
Fitbit Surge: The most accurate way to find out it’s 22 steps from your desk to the office fridge.
UDT Pen Drone: Priced at a wallet-friendly $1,100, this advanced drone is small and lightweight, with precise controls that allow it to pick up and deliver the user multiple pens from up to 500 yards away.
Meat Hooks: They continued to prove that sometimes, the best gadgets are the ones that don’t need an update.
La Femme Staple: This groundbreaking stapler, made by women for women, is single-handedly closing the stapler industry’s controversial gender gap.
The Mask: After any hideously deforming injury, wearing this sleek, featureless mask helped thousands appear in public in 2015 without utterly horrifying onlookers.