Mindhunter: This Netflix drama about the early days of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit deftly handed serial killers the recognition they so deeply crave
Me, Myself & I: A CBS sitcom notable for its novel premise of presenting three distinct points in time—announcement, premiere, and cancellation—simultaneously to viewers
The Handmaid’s Tale: This Emmy-winning drama starring Elisabeth Moss was set in a dystopian world that forces citizens to shell out $9 a month and still sit through commercials
Fargo: In its third season, the Coen brothers–inspired series continued to find fresh, visually stunning ways to portray blood-spattered snow
Stranger Things 2: This ’80s sci-fi drama series once again enjoyed record viewership among Netflix subscribers who figured they might as well watch it, seeing as how they’d already paid for it
Legion: The latest presumably successful tie-in to either the Marvel, DC, or Star Wars universe, but one that could also potentially be a Heroes reboot, now that we think about it