Mad Men: The period drama began with the story of Don Draper as a suave, successful New York City advertising executive in the 1960s, and culminated in the highly anticipated seventh and final season, which portrayed a demoralized, cynical 148-year-old Draper moving to Los Angeles to start a new firm in the year 2065.
Game Of Thrones: After reaching the end of George R.R. Martin’s published novels partway through the fifth season, the last few episodes of the HBO series found all the characters sitting around and wondering what kinds of exciting adventures they might get up to in the future.
Bones: Longtime fans were given the payoff they’d been waiting for, as the 10th-season finale saw Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan finally prove that bones exist.
American Pickers: The September 2 episode “Coin-Op Kings,“ wherein Mike and Frank discover a number of coin-operated pinball machines, elevated the History channel show from must-see TV to a must-experience piece of art.
Scandal: The popular ABC drama continued with its faithful historical rendering of Abraham Lincoln’s years in the White House.
Possum And Rat Comedy Hour: That possum’s going to catch that ol’ rat one of these days!
Community: The beloved comedy ended its run on Yahoo! before being picked up by Albany’s Own 99.5 The River for a seventh season.
Playing Catch Outside With Dad: Sure, there are some great things to see on TV. But honestly, there’s just no television show out there that can provide more entertainment or memories than throwing the ol’ hardball around the backyard with your old man, you know?