Touching Tribute: Nintendo Is Finally Adding A Grass-Type Pokémon Based On James Gandolfini

Illustration for article titled Touching Tribute: Nintendo Is Finally Adding A Grass-Type Pokémon Based On James Gandolfini

Get ready, Pokémon fans, because we have some wonderful news for you: After years of requests from people all over the world, Nintendo announced today that they are finally adding a new grass-type Pokémon based on James Gandolfini in tribute to the late actor’s extraordinary career.


According to Nintendo, the new Pokémon named Gandolfern will be found roaming the forests of the Galar region in the upcoming games Sword and Shield. Many long-time Pokémon fans were outraged when, defying rumors, Gandolfini was snubbed in the Generation 7 titles, despite it being years since the actor’s tragic death. But thankfully, Nintendo has seen the error of their ways and honored fans’ demands to see the Sopranos star sprouting branches and covered in leaves. And we personally can not think of a better way to honor the late, great Gandolfini.

While Gandolfern will know classic moves like Leaf Blade and Solar Beam, it will also learn a new signature move called Petal Punch upon his evolution into Gandolficus at level 32, referencing the powerful season four scene in which Tony Soprano’s marital problems result in him repeatedly punching a hole in the wall. We can’t wait to have this savage Neapolitan shrub on our team, that’s for sure.

And the tribute doesn’t end there! Nintendo also revealed one of the games’ gym bosses, Korrido, would be based on Soprano’s nemesis, “Uncle Jun,” and specialized in poison-type Pokémon, a real threat to a grass-type like Gandolfern.

All we can say is, it’s about time this renowned actor took his rightful place in Pokémon lore. Fans have been looking forward to this for years, and Nintendo finally showed they were listening. This beautiful tribute to Gandolfini was long overdue, especially after Nintendo was so quick to add the fire-type monster Burnacar based on the late Paul Walker. Thanks, Nintendo!