Touching Tribute: This Video Game Is Dedicated To Some Person Named Emily

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Video games are often the products of many loving hands. Designers, coders, writers, and developers all pour their hearts into fine-tuning the final product to make it everything the customer wants and more. But one game—the indie platformer Twilight Of The Earth—stands out for featuring a touching tribute to one particular person who happens to be named Emily.

Wow, whoever Emily is must be really moved to see herself mentioned like this!

The poignant moment, which features the words “For Emily” in white text on an entirely black background, comes mere seconds after the offbeat side-scroller begins, making its placement all the more significant in the grand scheme of things. This is a really wonderful homage to Emily, whoever or whatever she happens to be.


Interestingly, there’s no further context, so we can only guess at how important this person is to the game’s creator. She might be a deceased grandmother, a friend, an ex-lover, or even another game maker. Maybe it was someone who had a disease or a person who inspired the game’s bittersweet plot. Or maybe it was for actress Emily Ratajkowski because the developers really loved Gone Girl. But whoever Emily happens to be, this is a real tip of the hat to her!

What makes this tribute even more special is that the game’s small design team could have chosen anyone besides Emily to receive this heartwarming homage. It could have read “For Zach” or “For Larry” or “For Miki,” who might also be people who have some kind of relationship with the developers. But it doesn’t say any of those names. It says “For Emily,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


So good for you, Emily, whoever you are! You won the day in gaming, and it’s all thanks to this touching tribute!