CANTON, MA—Saying they were appreciative of the effort but at no point did they ever see something like this coming, members of the transgender community admitted to reporters Monday they were caught slightly off guard by ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins’ enthusiastic support for them and their cause. “We’re definitely pleased with Baskin-Robbins’ new trans-friendly initiative—it’s just, you know, where did this come from?” said Trans Advocacy Network spokesperson Samantha Jessup, who, along with thousands of other transgender individuals across the country, was reportedly blindsided by the vocal endorsement of trans rights on the frozen treat purveyor’s website and in a lengthy Facebook post. “Don’t get me wrong, we’re thrilled when anyone takes a stand on the issue of mainstream transgender acceptance. But, boy, this one’s kind of a head-scratcher. I mean, Baskin-Robbins? Really? Huh.” At press time, transgender advocates were reportedly taken aback as every one of the company’s promotional tweets for its June flavor of the month included the hashtag #standwithtrans.