Trouble Not Your Mind, Gamers: Video Games Are Considered Cool Right Now

Illustration for article titled Trouble Not Your Mind, Gamers: Video Games Are Considered Cool Right Now

Here at OGN, we’re often struck with a vague inkling that something is terribly amiss, and if you’re a reader, you most likely also lie awake nights with an unshakable sense of dread. Well, if that’s the case, trouble not your mind, for video games are considered cool right now!


That’s right! Video games are generally regarded as being harmless fun by society at large, so let your conscience be lightened and your fears allayed!

While we could never claim that every title is perfect or that the industry is above reproach, your visage needn’t be clouded nor your brow furrowed with doubt—there’s essentially no social stigma associated with playing video games in this day and age. In fact, many people associated with games are now considered not only socially acceptable but even sexually desirable! So sleep soundly tonight.

There was a time, in the dark mire of ages only recently past, when this was not the case. A time when gamers’ minds were clouded by fears of ostracism and ruin, all for their simple love of Sonic or Street Fighter. That time is gone. Be you a casual hobbyist or a hardcore pro, you can breathe free and let this knowledge serve as a balm to your fevered brain: If you tell people you like Nintendo now, they will see you as fun, and maybe even someone they might want to hang out with more.

Naught shall disturb you from your blithe and blissful musings on upcoming consoles and DLCs, oh, sweet gamers, not while you’re in our care.

And yes, it is true that we cannot predict what may lay far beyond the horizon for fans of everything from classic arcade games to the latest in VR technology. None of us knows our own future, but take heart, gamers! Live for now, embrace the day, and imbibe the sweet and nutritive milk of knowledge that gaming is generally regarded favorably.