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WASHINGTON—Reflecting the commander in chief’s growing frustration with the physician’s pattern of thinly veiled criticisms during the pandemic, President Donald Trump blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday over his repeated negative remarks about the coronavirus. “Fauci has done some very good things, sure, but frankly, he has been extremely unfair to Covid-19,” Trump said in an impromptu statement in which the visibly exasperated president spent nearly half an hour venting about his frustrations with the NIH doctor’s inability to “stop running his mouth” to reporters every time a complaint about the coronavirus enters his head. “To be honest with you, I’ve thought about getting rid of this guy many, many times because of the lousy treatment he’s given this pandemic. And, let me tell you, he’s not so perfect himself. It would be nice to see some real leadership from Dr. Fauci for once. Frankly, I think he probably has some kind of vendetta against this virus and wants to take it out.” At press time, Trump had gone on to let loose in his criticism of the “clear liberal bias” that thousands of other doctors and health experts had shown in their negative portrayal of the pandemic.

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