Trump: ‘Even One Death That Makes Me Look Bad Is A Tragedy’

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WASHINGTON—Seeking to provide comfort in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, President Donald Trump held a press conference Tuesday, reflecting sadly that even one death that makes him look bad is a tragedy. “Every single loss of human life that can be directly attributed to my actions is one too many,” said Trump, telling reporters that each case of a citizen succumbing to Covid-19 was a singularly devastating event with untold impact on his likeability numbers. “There are simply no words to express how truly horrible it is that I could be blamed for these casualties. It’s very sad and hard to imagine what I’ve been going through. Each of these departed Americans leaves behind family and friends, and it is deeply upsetting to think that they could claim I was responsible.” Trump closed his remarks by urging the nation to come together in finding a different scapegoat to pin this all on.