Illustration for article titled Trump Hits Back At China By Announcing U.S. Will Also Expel American Journalists

WASHINGTON—Sending a loud and clear message to the rival superpower, President Donald Trump hit back at China Wednesday by announcing the U.S. would also expel American journalists. “Effective immediately, all reporters must leave the country—we’re not going to let China outdo us on this one,” said Trump, who issued an executive order giving all journalists from The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal as well as writers at outlets such as BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, and Men’s Health a 24-hour notice to evacuate the country. “If China wants to banish our journalists for writing negative articles about China, then fine, we won’t tolerate American reporters spreading nasty stories about America either. I’m going to just start reading down the mastheads. Anything China can do, we can do better. Who knows, maybe we’ll even execute them.” At press time, Fox News broadcasters had been granted a stay of removal by a federal judge. 


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