Trump Makes Last-Minute Push To Appeal To Whites

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NEW YORK—With just days remaining before the nation heads to the polls, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reportedly crisscrossed the country this weekend in a frenzied last-minute push to appeal to white voters. “White outreach is going to be at the center of our campaign during these final few days of the election—we really want white audiences to know they have a friend and advocate in Donald Trump,” said Trump’s communications director, Hope Hicks, explaining that the campaign was spending $7 million on advertising targeted at white households in addition to scheduling a whirlwind series of campaign stops in predominantly white cities and neighborhoods as part of their eleventh-hour effort to engage the voting bloc. “Mr. Trump will visit white churches and businesses in several states, conveying a hopeful message to the nation’s Caucasians that tomorrow will be brighter. We want white people, and in particular, white men, to recognize that they have a voice in this campaign, and we want to assure them that Donald Trump understands the white community’s concerns and will never stop fighting for them as president.” Hicks said she expected the nominee’s message of compassion to resonate deeply with white Americans, stating that it comes from a real place in Trump’s heart.