Trump Resigns From Presidents Local 150 In Protest Of Unions

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WASHINGTON—Criticizing leaders of the organized labor movement for supporting Democrats and for the treatment of their members, Donald Trump announced Monday that he was resigning from the United President Workers Local 150 in protest of unions. “Today I informed the Washington, D.C. chapter of the UPW that I will no longer be part of a union that doesn’t truly stand up for the material conditions of its workers,” said Trump, ripping up his union card and becoming the first president to quit the union since it was formed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. “Unions may have once served the interests of the working-class American presidents who make up its 71 chapters nationwide, but those days are long gone. I appreciate the benefits I’ve received through the UPW, like reduced prescription costs and discount Costco membership. I will also miss my healthcare, but I’m tired of paying exorbitant dues to the fat cats in union leadership. I’ve been a proud member of the UPW for years; however, it’s clear that workers stand to benefit more without union bureaucrats getting in the way.” At press time, former presidents and UPW members Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter had released a joint statement urging the nation not to work with any president who’s a scab.