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ATLANTA—Screaming as loudly as he could while army-crawling towards the “finicky” router, Gogo Internet technician Bart Corfield reportedly urged passengers to “try it now” Thursday while standing on the wing fixing their in-flight wireless connection. “I’m just going to turn it off and on real quick, and you guys tell me if it goes back up,” yelled Corfield, 32, clenching his jaw as he endured the below-freezing conditions and 500-mile-per-hour wind gusts from the Boeing 737’s position 30,000 feet in the air. “Okay, still nothing? Well, these older units can be a bit temperamental sometimes. Let’s wait a full minute, and if it still doesn’t come back up, I’ll just climb down under the plane and see what’s happening.” At press time, a triumphant Corfield reentered the pressurized cabin just in time to hear a collective groan as an episode of the NBC drama This Is Us reverted to static.


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