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NEW YORK—After promising to let anyone who disagrees with his views come on his program to explain why, Tucker Carlson spent the entire taping of his show Monday loudly and repeatedly interrupting the child bride he had invited on to debate him about underage marriage. “Ma’am, ma’am! You’ll have your chance to talk, but this is my show, and I’m not going to sit here and be lectured about how the world works by someone who hasn’t even finished middle school!” said Carlson, shouting over his guest, 12-year-old Jennifer Bridgemeyer, whose marriage to a man four times her age was arranged by a cult leader and who disagrees with the Fox News host’s stated view that her rape is not as serious as other rapes. “This is ridiculous. I won’t be manipulated like this. Just because you’re a child bride doesn’t give you an excuse to act like a child. Stop crying! Goddammit, cut her mic. Cut it!” At press time, Carlson was urging his producer to completely scrap the interview after Bridgemeyer completely dismantled his argument with the few sentences she had managed to express.

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