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NEW YORK—Having difficulty making the case for the cutting-edge artistic medium in one of her columns, local TV critic Melissa Andino was reportedly struggling Tuesday to explain the appeal of watching television to the average American. “I know television can seem like a daunting and sometimes impenetrable art form, but if people were more open minded, they might find it captivating,” said Andino, adding that grasping concepts such as “seasons” and “episodes” can often be a major barrier to entry for the layman in fully appreciating the highbrow form of storytelling. “A lot of people don’t seem to understand that you’re supposed to watch multiple episodes in order and follow the characters through each one, sort of like a bunch of short, connected movies. Unfortunately, it could be years before TV becomes a mainstream form of cultural entertainment.” At press time, Andino figured it was best to start her readers on sitcoms before introducing them to more complex forms of television, such as documentary miniseries.


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