Twitch Streamer Completes Stunning 2-Minute-42-Second Racist Rant Speedrun

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The world of speedruns is a relentless battleground, where the constant one-upping and millisecond time differences can often dull the impressiveness of what you are actually seeing. But yesterday, we saw something that stopped us in our tracks and broke nearly every assumption about one of the most popular genres on Twitch when a streamer completed a racist-rant speedrun in a scant two minutes and 42 seconds.


Everyone get ready because the ultra-competitive world of online bigotry is never going to be the same.

The incredible run was recorded by popular up-and-coming streamer ShadowStorm, who has been building up to this over several months of increasingly impressive tirades against groups ranging from Mexicans to Muslims. Right off the bat, he breaks rules that have been considered standard in the white-pride-rant handbook for years. His opening salvo about how the Jews who control the media will probably shut down this video skillfully hits a benchmark in one line that takes most racists more than a minute to summarize. It’s breathtaking to watch.

Fans and participants in racist Twitch rants have strict rules about the tent poles that need to be hit for a run to count, but ShadowStorm’s skillful tactics, broad stereotypes, and discipline over using only the most brutal and offensive slurs for each group completely upend expectations. He only hits the N-word twice, and his explanation of how blacks are genetically predisposed to violence forgoes any of the hedging or unnecessary pseudoscience that bogs down other rants, allowing him to tackle all the essential hate-mongering before he even hits the 1:30 mark. At the point most other streamers are still talking about sanctuary cities or Islam being incompatible with American values, he’s already finishing up with a final statement about how he is just defending Western culture and there is nothing wrong with that. This is racist rant perfection.

Some critics of Shadow are calling bullshit on the run, claiming that he completely ignores feminists, but others have rushed to his defense, asserting that anti-feminism should be counted as a separate class of video. Either way, Shadow is the man of the hour, with his account gaining thousands of followers after this display of tightly coordinated hatred. It should be interesting to see how this massive community responds in the coming days. Hardworking racists will continue to hone and innovate their slurs, and we expect to see tons of impressive videos trying to unseat the internet’s new king of bigots in the coming weeks.